Cliff Hanger Rock

Cliff Hanger Rock Color

$450.00 4 hrs - $550.00 8 hrs

  • Delivery fee may apply after 25 miles
  • Thrill seekers line up to ride this inflatable slide! Great party rental for all ages. When you want something that moves a lot of people, makes your event stand out and creates excitement -- a giant inflatable slide is the answer.
    *    Climbing stairs up thru the center.
    *    Hang at the top and gather the nerve to let go.
    *    Safety screen helps riders sit down to slide.
    *    Entrance is in the front. The exits are on side of unit.
    Best for ages: 5 years to Adult
    Throughput: 150 players per hour
    Note: Up to 225 lbs per rider. For ground surfaces that do not allow stakes, a sandbag fee will be added. Not for rain use. Requires a 4 foot wide pathway to setup location.

    Circuits needed: 1
    Item Dimensions: 14 x 35 x 27 tall
    Space Needed: 22 x 40 x 27 tall

    Date: Check Availability